We didn't just put our feet in, we did a cannonball off the high board.

Immediately upon being introduced to the Right of Way industry, we recognized an almost identical scenario that drove us into the title business back in 2009… An underserved market, controlled by old school escrow officers with poor communication, forcing clients to adhere to their procedures and timetables.  Because the requirements can make these transactions a little more time and labor intensive, there are very few title companies that actually WANT to handle Right of Way transactions and even less that make it such a priority that they devote extra resources to ensure quality work.

We realized that we could simply take the same approach that we did during the refinance boom- 24/7 availability, extremely fast response times, and molding our process around the profile of each client.  AND instead of following the lead of our competitors and treating Right of Way transactions the same as any other type of transaction, we decided to recruit Commercial/Right of Way specialists for our title plant.  This allows us to not only produce at a much faster rate than our competitors, but it also ensures that our quality will never be compromised.

One of our themes over the past couple of years has been that you can’t put one foot in and expect to get two feet out.  When we decided to build our Transportation Department, we didn’t just put our feet in, we did a cannonball of the high board.

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